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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Hey look... a true EBook...

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

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Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Hey look... a true EBook...

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is the first consumer level product involving an e-paper technology. It's the first one that I've seen.

The cost is a little steep for what it is ($375 for a paperback sized device that has the display quality of news paper). But not _that_ steep. Not for a first gen device of this kind, and one that uses pretty basic technologies, none of this organic polymer printable circuit stuff that other e-paper solutions are offering. In fact, I'm amused by the relative simplicity of this solution- it's the sort of thing that anyone should be able to build. Minus that pesky, and in this case, justfied patent laws.

Hey, speaking of patent laws, something's been nagging at me for years. Years ago, my mom saw that "Pony Flip" thing on TV- a hair styling tool thing. She wanted one, but thought the price was a bit steep. I replied, "Don't buy one, that's stupid," and took a twist of wire, and made one.

Now, assuming that device was patented, did I violate its patent? Moreover, if you replicate a patented device for your own personal use, and do not sell, profit from, or distribute your copies, have you violated the patent?
  • I want an ebook that I can highlight and make margin notes in. I want it to be sturdy enough that humidity from my shower, sand from the beach, and leaving it in the car in the summer won't damage it. I want the same reflectivity and contrast as good paper and ink. I want to be able to adjust those things as well as zoom in or even adjust to a more legible font. I want stylus technology that is comfortable and can interpret my handwriting (provided I have a reasonably consistent hand - a reason to bring back penmanship - which recent studies have demonstrated improves reading fluency!). And I want to save that version, and then go back to the clean version. I also want to be able to interfile pages of different ebooks to make floralegia for myself or to compare editions (would probably be able to access pages only if I owned access to the works individually). And I want to be able to BUY works, not rent. No self-erasing after x days. I can loan it to my friend and get it back. I can sell it to a used book store.

    I want it to be solar powered with a long-life battery back-up. Really really energy efficient. I want it to have a very long lifespan. It should be upgradeable and reconditionable and recyclable, and not use lots of environmentally dangerous and unethically mined/produced materials.

    In short, I want all the functionality of a book and then some, with none of the paper-and-space-using-up issues. Give me that, and don't twist intellectual property and contract law all out of shape to do it, and I'll ditch the paper (except for a few treasures.)
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