How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Legal Bullshit

Hey, if anyone knows about setting up a "Certificate of Conducting Business as a Sole Proprietor" in NYS, let me know. Specifically, what form to use. According to this I think the right form is this, but then I'm totally lost on how to fill it out, specifically "I further certify that I am the successor in interest to _fill_in_the_blank_ the person or persons heretofore using such name or names to carry on or conduct or transact business. _text area_"


I think I should talk to Cate's dad. Y'know, the lawyer. This should be simple- I don't even see why I need to file a form- I _should_ simply be able to declare myself a business, by my own political beliefs. Still, this is an important first step to being self-employed.

Soon, Lapine Cerebral Cogitations Consulting will be a real company. Well, it'll be really me, in a business sense. Christopher offered a letter of recomendation, and I should be able to swing another one from... uh... good question. Timoth Lederman would probably be good- I sat the ITS Advisory Comittee with him when I was in college, and he's a muckey-muck. In the mean time, I'll keep looking for a place where I can "work for the man", so as not to put all my eggs in this admittedly perilous basket. At least LCC has no real overhead, and I won't be taking any business loans for it, so I won't run any risk as a sole proprietor.

Fuck man, I should be able to write off my college loans as a business expense.

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