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How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Why's and Linkages

Why are all our jobs going overseas? Schools don't teach enough science and math. I think I'd reword that though- schools don't teach. Around the country, educators are reading this report, and preparing to revamp the curriculum to add more science/math classes at the expense of other programs.

_More_ classes, changes in standardized testing- these aren't going to fix the problem. In fact, I'd say ditch the standardized tests entirely. I remember having to skip over dozens of topics that intrigued me in school because "it's not on the Regents". That's a _wonderful_ way to meet student interest in learning. "Oh, you want to learn that? Too bad. It's not important enough."

In another "genius" manuver, the TSA has decided to take the already hole-ridden security program used at airports and add a "fast track" or what I'd call a "gaping obvious hole ripe for abuse and exploitation". There ya go, enjoy your illusion of safety at the expense of your own privacy.

Now, here's a response that I approve of. "Fine, you want controversy over who can get married? Then nobody can until we sort this damn thing out!" Good. So it should be- when you can't find a fair way to do something, don't do it until you've got it figured out. And amusingly, the county seat is Corvallis, which some sci-fi fans should recognize. First person to name the book gets absolutely nothing, but street cred for being a sci-fi geek.

Not to pimp DRT news but this amuses me:

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