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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Tesla Would Be Proud

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

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Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Tesla Would Be Proud

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A japanese musician turned inventor created an engine that consumes 20% less energy for the same amount of torque and horsepower.

It outputs more energy than you put in- by pulling energy from the magnets in it. Reading that article reminds me of reading the first short story in The Man Who Sold the Moon by Heinlein. In that, someone invented a lighting panel that worked just as well as a solar collector, and had insane efficiency.

This device works at 330% efficiency, without violating any laws of physics. I'm curious to know if the magents demagnatize through use in this device. It's heatless, noisless, and makes me horny.

And because he's not selling the rights to anyone, there's good odds that we won't see megacorps buying it and sitting on it to protect their establishments.

I honestly think that, assuming this is for real, this device could change the world. I want the miniature generator version that he's working on.
  • and when they kill him?
    • I think they're a little late. At best, the could try and discredit him, but that'll only work in the US. In Japan, they already seem convinced.
  • It doesn't put out any more energy than you put in it. It just draws energy from places people normally don't think to draw from when building an engine.

    What he should do is send complete plans to EVERY company in the world he can find out about that has the ability to build this thing, copies to every government, to Project Gutenberg, and lastly to all the colleges and universities he can afford to make copies for. Get a good patent attorney and get patents everywhere on it, and issue the mentioned copies under a permanent, royalty free license. If he can afford it, he should send working prototypes to the following countries: United States, France, Russia, North Korea, Iran, Nigeria, Ethiopia, United Kingdom, Chechnya, Peoples Republic of China, Republic of China, Austrailia, Indonesia. Good mix of countries with the industrial power and money to develop it further, with poor countries that would most benefit from this, and countries politically opposed so no one side of a dispute gets a monopoly on it.

    He does all that- especially the plans to all companies in the engine business, and to all countries in the UN General Assembly, and a few top universities, this thing will get developed if its at all better than current technology.. No conspiracy would keep all of those parties from taking advantage of the potential windfall. Its what I would do if I came up with something like that. As for money, hell, you'd make a mint just going on speaking tours about your wonder engine for a couple years then retire, maybe a book deal or hosting a Discovery Channel series on emerging tech.
  • I want to believe it's a hoax, because what he says he's doing with magnets is physically impossible. You can't extract energy from magnets any more than you can extract energy out of gravity, without putting in your own energy to set it up first. Even if the positioning of the permanent magnets is that finely tuned, you can't get them to add any velocity to the spinning motor.
    • Well, I'm thinking that you could do it- but like everything, there's a cost- the magnet has to demagnatize. Basically, the energy they provide reduces the level of order in the magnet. I _really_ want to learn more about how this works and I _really really_ want to see one in action, doing my own measurements. With an electronics textbook at my side, because it's been awhile since I've done any, and I'd need to refresh my memory.

      As canissum pointed out to me, there may be an error in how they are measuring the AC current- it's an easy mistake to make. I think it's _possible_ that this is for real, and really hope it is, but I won't exactly be shocked if it turns out to be a mistake/hoax.
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