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JayZ is getting more play than he deserves. When the Grey Album came out, I lamented that a _really_ interesting remix would have been the Beatles' White Album and Metallica's Black. Well, I almost got my wish- Black on Black- JayZ mixed with Metallica.

Again, I'll give this one a shot- it's a few hours of downloading after all.

Now, I've burned myself multiple times on soldering irons. I'm horrible with them, and make the _worst_ solders that you can imagine. But, this soldering iron looks great- it heats to 800deg in a second, and is cool to touch in five.

The case over whether or not an officer can require you to present id is now before the supreme court. This is an interesting case to watch and could have big implications. For example, how would this weigh in on NYS's law that you must have ID on you at all times. Can that law hold, when you can't force someone to present ID unless you arrest them?

For fun, there's some new Harry Potter merch at Hot Topic. I want one of those Azkaban prision shirts.

Finally, english spelling isn't that horrible and the author of that site proposes 56 rules and other notes that make english pronounciation clear.

And damn, it's cold today.

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