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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Everything Louder than Everything Else

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

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Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Everything Louder than Everything Else

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My Hat!
Someone was sitting down, listening to "Everything Louder than Everything Else", trying to write a scathing critique of the music scene and how it had missed the point.

That asshole was missing the point himself. What honest to goodness "Rock and Roll" was always about was nothing at all. It's loud, it's angry, but why? Why not?

Someplace, an open G rings out, the amp at 10 and the overdrive cranked as high as it goes.

Earlier, I mentioned that I wanted to be a rock star. What this entails for me, is being up on stage, and blasting out the opening riff to some great song- on my violin. Distortion cranked to the edge of feedback, with a little compression to control it. I want to be jumping around on a stage, cranking out loud, fun, music, with a few close friends doing the same, and not giving a shit.

I don't really care about being _good_. I didn't play violin in a punk band in college (that never had a show, unless you count dragging our amps into the hall and violating quiet hours and keeping the entire damn dormitory up) to be _good_. Because seriously, when I've performed, I've been fantastic, regardless of what anyone thinks.

I used to play violin for my church's "Music Ministry" back when I was High School. Mind you, I may have been raised Christian, but it never took. When I was real young, I played along well, but by the time I was a teen I had just viewed church, youth group, etc, as a social activity. Now, I played violin there for one reason, and it had nothing to do with "serving god with my gifts" as many people would comment after every service. I was there because I was all about the music.

Many a time I worshipped there with Mercutio in my hands- but I was worshipping the music. More importantly, I was worshipping the fun- the fun of picking up a good lick and playing it for all its worth.

The worst part always was the compliments. I smiled and nodded and hated every minute of people telling me shit like I was "blessed" or whatever. No, I was just doing my thing. And to be honest, that music ministry rocked. Seriously, you'd think "What, church music? Baptist church music at that? That's gotta suck."

Yeah, there was a bunch of crappy "meaningful" songs, but there were certain songs we did that we just plain ripped on.

Today, I took some time, keeping my MP3 player on songs that were just pure fun- mostly punk, but "Everything Louder than Everything Else" was definitely in there, and I just ripped out on them, bouncing around the room in my cloak (there's still no heat), trying not to trip over the piles of crap as I just plain rocked out.

It kicked ass. I discovered that I have too much serious music in my MP3 collection, and not enough purely _fun_ stuff. Lots of pretty, lots of deep, lots of thoughtful, lots of whiny (I have a soft spot for Bright Eyes and Dashboard Confessional- it's a failing, I admit), but a sad dearth of purely fun music.

Still, i'm going to try and keep doing that more often, and after the NH gig next week, I'm going to score myself a decent set of strings for Merc.
  • You've just put into words what I've been feeling for most of my musical life. I've played the guitar for over 10 years now, and every time I've been up on staeg I've been there to have fnu, and because I wanted to. Yet I was always getting assholes telling me "You're playing that wrong, that doesn't sound like it does on the CD." Did it sound bad? Now. Did it not fit in with what everyone else was playing? Of course it fit in. What these people failed to realise was that playnig music was fun, and not a chore. So what if George Harrison didn't use any amount of distortion or pinched harmonics on Day Tripper, I did, and it still sounded good.

    And if you want some purely fu music, from bands who play because they enjoy it and more often than not make fun of the more serious bands out there, then listen to The Darkness. Very talented band, and musically very gifted, but they make everything sound way over the top (especially the lyrics), and all wear spandex on stage.

    I think we're about overdue for a revival of bands who are in it for fun, and not for noteriety.
    • I play violin, and don't like DMB or most country, with the exception of my hero, Johnny Cash and a few others. So "sounding like the CD" isn't an option for me.

      Fun is why, whatever band I'm in, will always be one of strange local bands, maybe with a self produced album in the indie record stores. I don't want to tour- touring isn't fun- I hate travelling on a schedule. I don't want to be big- I just want to be able to fill a club and have fun.
  • !
    • ?
      • Just that you play violin.
        • And mandolin too- of course, that's just a violin that you strum.

          And in general, anything with strings I can dink around with and _pretend_ to know what I'm doing. In that punk band, I also played bass from time to time (a violin tuned backwards in octaves). I was pretty bad at bass, but then again, it was a punk band for a reason.
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