How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Hey look! I'm a materialist!

I want the first thing on this page.

The trench is pretty cool too, but the velvet jacket would go smashingly with my hat.

The "Buy Bomb" from Transmet gets a step closer to reality. For those fools that haven't read it (and if you haven't read it because you, for some mistaken reason, think comic books are tripe, pulp, and not worth reading, go jump off a bridge now please- some of them are, no doubt, but it's a rich genre and you're fucking stupid) the "Buy Bomb" is something that assaulted our hero- he was watching TV, a burst of meaningless static came on. He tranced out, and went to bed, because he was feeling so strange... and then he saw ads in his dreams.

Shitty, huh? But now companies are studying what happens to your brain when you watch ads, and people are volunteering to help them. As a note, if you volunteer for a brain scan to help an ad company, you too should jump off a bridge.

Does anyone know anything about this bill? The "Brodcast Decency Bill" or whatever. The Online Beat is a bit on the... well, biased side now. But I'm still rather scared of this bill.
Finally, for some fun shit: Rock, Paper, Scissors, Spock, Lizard, or "Rock Paper Scissors learns the Law of Fives".

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