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Another Random Assemblage...

Hey, remember that birthday thing? How's this for a cool toy. Magnetic silly putty. Hells yeah.

Johnny Depp is asked what he thought of the pr0n parody of him, Edward Penishands- his answer: Hilarious.

Speaking of "parody" and "hilarious", Steve Martin makes some reccomendations that could improve the The Passion. He's definitely onto something.

Okay, wait, we're on the religious topic, so let's take a moment to prepare for passover with Plushie versions of the 10 plagues that Moses called down on Egypt.

Wait... I know what I really want for my birthday! Kerry should ask John McCain to be his VP! Holee shit, it makes me cream my pants in a very political, non-sexual way when I think about it. Mind you, I'd rather see Kerry as McCain's VP, but you'll take what you can get. Maybe McCain could pull a Gore and not fuck up the election so badly.

**** THE PROOF THAT Remy Porter IS EVIL ****

82 69 77 89 80 79 82 84 69 82 - as ASCII values
1 6 5 8 8 7 1 3 6 1 - digits added
\_____/ \_____/ \_____/ \_____/ \_____/
7 4 6 4 7 - digits added

Thus, "Remy Porter" is 74647.

Subtract 12 from the number - this is the symbol of the greater sin, written backwards. It gives 74635.

Turn the number backwards, and add 1979 - the year Voluntary Euthanasia Society published how-to-do-it suicide guide. The number is now 55626.

Divide the number by 002 - this is the symbol of greed, backwards. It gives 27813.

Turn the number backwards, subtract 1950 - the year Steve Wozniak, the faithful worshipper, was born. The number is now 29922.

Subtract 6691 from the number - this is the year "Star Trek" premiered, written backwards. It gives 23231.

Write 1889 backwards. Translate it to octal - this will give you 23231. Thus, 23231 stands for 1889, the year Adolf Hitler was born.

You get the picture. QED.
Yoinked shamelessly from metaphorge

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