How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Wherin Remy makes snide remarks...

A prominent scientest pointed out that dropping energy production will decrease the birth rate. Wait, you mean as the available resources per capita decrease, we'll have less capita showing up to claim some? Fucking genius! I don't think anyone would have put that together. ::facepalm:: This isn't a comment so much on the scientist, as the fact that people haven't already figured this one out.

Meanwhile, the AFA gets my hopes up when they proclaim loudly that Anarchy is breaking loos across America. I immediately rushed to the window, so that I could see the anarchy, and... well.. I saw the fuel tanks across the street. They weren't even on fire. I immediately went to google news, hoping to see an update on this anarchy sweeping the nation, figuring since the fuel tanks weren't burning, it must be that cool peaceful sort of anarchy. Nothing. Apparently the anarchy is so subtle that no one noticed.

Meanwhile, we have a girl scout and her mom showing some rapscallions who's boss. The villians attempted to yoink the cashbox from a cookie sale, and while they didn't end up staring down the muzzle of a .357, looking up at the Mom as she asked, "Do you feel lucky punk? Well? Do ya?", they still bit off more than they could chew. Everyone, with me: point and laugh!

Hey, here's a good one. You discover your corporate server is under attack by a DDoS attack. What do you do? DDoS thos fuckers right back, never mind of course, that "those fuckers" could simply- and most likely will- be PCs or ISPs that have been hijacked by a worm or trojan. Also, we'll never mind the fact that in jurisdictions that have anti-hacking laws, they don't discriminate between hackers, and hacking the hackers. No, what we have here instead, is a powerful hacking tool that's going to be in the wrong hands before the first order for the software is placed. And I'll laugh when the company, Symbiot, ends up in court over it.

In the quiz realm:
You are Catholic. You don't do to much, becuase
there are alot of rules, but you are still
faithful, because your goal is to make it to
Heaven. I you sin, you might be screwed so be
extra careful. good luck on making to your
eternal lord.

What religion does your personality match up to?
brought to you by Quizilla

What the fuck is that? I mean seriously... do I _look_ like a theist of any variety except the vaguely Nietszchian kind? And fuck, I just changed a few answers and got _Wicca_. I mean, fuck, are there any _good_ religions in this quiz?

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