How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Story idea...

So today, I was planning to meet Cate uptown so that we could hit the bank and cash the check. This meant catching the 4:30 bus.

At around 2:00, I plop in bed to read for a bit, because I was cold (heat's still broken). I finish my book (reread The Gunslinger with the hopes of going through the series-to-date in one swoop, if I can borrow the last three books from someone), and drift off to sleep. Now, I had set an alarm for 4:15. Even so, I wake up at a little after 5:00, and go "Fuck!"

So I bolt out, hoping to walk to Uptown before six, when a) the bank closes, and b) the last bus leaves. I'm suffering from severe thirst, and the annoying blugh feeling I get when I sleep in the middle of the day (why I never take naps).

I discover upon my arrival that the bank closes at 6:00 on Fridays, the rest of the week, it closes at 4:30. So that was a waste.

First, as I was racing there, my stomach started churning, and I occasionally wondered if I was about to vomit. This made me think of a future where diseases were a problem, and Aids V3 was a fast and deadly killer, and things like vomit or blood are actually precurors to plagues that wipe out several hundred people in a fell swoop. The story would focus on a team that works for the Biohazard Containment Corps, a sub group that is called "Emergency Response Unit Tango", but is more euphemistically known as the "Puke Patrol", running around to swab up and disinfect where people vomit in public places, just in case they were carrying a nasty disease.

As I worded it- "Whenever a wino pukes, wets, or shits himself, we'll be there. Whenever a gang banger gets stabbed and bleeds on the sidewalk, we'll be there."

Then, while we were waiting for the bus home, I saw a law office, which turned into this mental image of "Lawyer Wars" (though I think a better title would be simply "Lawyaz"). It's the future, and the legal system has collapsed. Lawyers are the elite group that do what your average citizen can't normally do- defend them from other Lawyers in Trial-By-Combat. Our hero would be a testosterone pumped Rambo-like individual, with bulging trapezious muscles and biceps the size if my thigh, and an arsenal that would put most countries to shame. However, he works probono, defending the average citizen from the Elite High Power-of-Attorney squads- the expensive lawyers that enforce the might of the rich. Meanwhile, he has to dodge the sinister and mysterious Judges, who are the assasins to the Lawyers' warrior class.

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