How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

It must be spring...

Yet again, various congressional asshats are taking it upon themselves to defend our flag from desecration.

Good job guys... you uh... get on that... and how about I just laugh and say I told you so when it gets struck down... again.

Personally, I find flag desecration distasteful. I'm a flag ettiquitte geek though, and on a good day, when I'm in practice, can get a perfect fold. Well, okay, it happened once anyway.

I don't believe that the flag represents our country; I believe it's representative of the ideals of Freedom. The idea behind the US is a pretty good one- I just differ with the implementation- lots, and vocally. So, out of respect for the ideals, I respect the flag.

However, I think that flag-burning is a pretty dramatic way of stating your disagreement with either the ideals or the implementation. Mind you, it doesn't say anything else, and it is dramatic- to the point of in my mind being considered "Drama Queen" level of dramatic.

Even so, that's their right.

Mind you, it is no one's right to autograph an American Flag (right Bushie?). That doesn't fall in the category of free speech- that's just asinine.

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