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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

It is the search for Identity that drives humankind. It is the quest…

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

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run the fuck away
It is the search for Identity that drives humankind. It is the quest to answer the question, "Who am I?" that drives us all. Whether this is some psychological principle or a metaphysical teleology, we strive to answer this question. Our desire to answer this question on an individual basis forms the essense of what it is to be a human being. In fact, the defenition of humanity, of the human condition, is the quest for being. The quest for identity. It drives us, defines us, it encapsulates the entirety of our human experience.

But this is meaningless without context.To answer the question, "Who am I?" by announcing and declaring for all mankind, "I am x!" is equivalent to saying, "2+3=5". Yes, it affirms a basic principle. Yes, it is a true statement, but it is meaningless. We learn from science that numbers in themselves have no meaning, until they are given context by UNITS. "2meters + 3meters = 5meters" has meaning. So too, must our sens od identity be given meaning. We must include ourselves into the context of the world. In other words, our identity is not a trascendant property. We do not posses an immutable self, to the contrary, we are subject to the world around us to provide us with a context in which to place ourself.
  • Quest..I...on

    Who am I?
    It is a question you spend a lifetime answering, nay, several lifetimes, and you continue to answer it after death. You cannot be defined by your physical existance. You are more than the sum of your parts. You are more than your ego. You are the dream of your soul...
  • Re: Quest..I...on

    The answer to the question depends on the meaning you put into the question.
  • Re: Quest..I...on

    First off... there is no physical existance. Popular myth, but wholly fictional. Get the idea of a "physical world" or "physical laws" out of your head. They're all a metaphor and a thought process to establish a consensus comprehension of the world.

    Next, soul. That's another popular myth. The idea that parts of our being continue on after is just common sense. I mean, matter and energy. These things tend to stick around. The big myth of a soul is that there is some immortal part of "self" that lives on. Get that idea out of your head. Hell, your "self" doesn't exist except as an emergent property of an instant. All things that compose you, experience, body, mind, environment... these are the SELF. Self, like velocity, is an instantaneous value, not a constant.
    • Re: Quest..I...on

      You will live on, Rems. Don't be so pessimistic :-) If nothing else, you will exist in memories, and those memories will be in some way passed on, and 300 years from now, your "soul" will have in some way changed what the world would have been if your "soul" did not exist, and when you died, you died. And what is this there's no physical self? I thought you didn't like Descartes?

      By the way, how the heck are you?
      • Re: Quest..I...on

        It's no pessimism. Pessimism would be thinking that I'm stuck for all eternity with only the mercurialness offered to humans. I want to have those periods of complete and total change, the total loss of self.

        Memories, fortunately, are not self.

        And I do hate Descartes. He didn't deny the phyiscal nature of the universe. He was a dualist. I side more with Spinoza, who said that only god exists.

        And I'm doing pretty great, but I certainly miss my Lizzers!! Good lord woman, get online once in awhile!!
    • Re: Quest..I...on

      You're so almost right...let's say that physical existance is a real illusion, held together by telepathic collusion.
      Your soul believes in you, even if you don't believe in it, but how do you think you got here to discuss the parts of you that created the part of you that denies the existance of the part of you that made the part of you that's denying it's existance.(I know that must make sense to some part of me:) What I mean is, your soul created your ego, and the ego deals with physical life, but even if the ego says the soul does not exist, the soul still does exist.
      Your're right about everything being part of the self, and that nothing is constant, yet you wake up every day knowing that you're still you, even if it's a different version of you. In a way, we are all versions of All That Is, but it doesn't take away the joy of being an individual.
      The people you attract on your LJ sound cool. What a lucky person you are!
      • Re: Quest..I...on

        "how do you think you got here..."

        I'm not here.

        There is no ego for my soul to create.

        There simply is.

        Yes, "Is" contains all.
        • Re: Quest..I...on

          All-That-Is contains , well, all that is, and while you are in the plane of physical existence, you do require an ego, which is an extension of the soul. No reason to deny the existence of either of these necessary parts. Of course it's all part of the whole, but if you did not want to acknowledge the part of you that is uniquely you, then why did you create you to begin with? C'mon, you chose this adventure for a reason. Enjoy the exploration of yourself!
          Good things to you,
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