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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Ye gods and small fishes...

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Ye gods and small fishes...

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run the fuck away
...alot of people have friended me over the past week.

Time to skim some journals and add those that grab my interest in the top few entries.

I don't auto-add people who add me, but I _do_ at least give them a quick glance- I figure, at the very least, they've got good taste, ne?
  • *looks at her top few entries* *signs herself off as a hopeless case* Oh well, I tried ;) I can be interesting on occasions, but I tend to keep any spiritual/interesting rambles /off/ that journal, so I doubt you'll find much of interest. I do keep two other journals, but it's entirely up to you if you want to visit them or not.
    • Heh, I was just about to glance at yours too. I think for that, I might just add you and scroll past the stuff that doesn't interest me- the power of the Internet and scroll bars.
  • I love the word fustian. I
    Anyway, I don't expect you to add me. I keep a rather boring journal about how happy I am. Pass it by, nothing worth seeing there.
    However, I find your journal facinating, and will probably link to it in some of my entries because you do come up with very interesting things. Anyone who loves Tesla has definate good taste.
    • Knock yourself out, that's what its here for.

      And Tesla is _the man_. In my fourth personal mythology, he's still alive, cruising around the Aether-Realms, waiting for the day when he can return and save mankind from it's foolishness where it applies to technology. He's also my genetic father.

      (I have several personal mythologies that all contradict, but I don't care)
      • contradiction is a good thing, Tesla coming back.. do you really think people would listen to him? They didn't much the first time.
        Have you read Tesla; Man Out of Time ?There were in it, a few accounts of psychic phenonoma that he completely rejected. So if he's wandering the Aether-Realms has he learned to accept that other sensory perception can exist?
        • I think that after our current system collapses- which is going to happen in our lifetimes- fossil fuel supply will decrease, demand will continue to increase, and all of the proposed replacements are either immature or won't meet the demands- people will be more apt to listen to the offers he makes.

          At the same time, there are psychic phenomena that he accepted- and he attributed a good deal of his genius to them. (Yes I read it- one of my favorite books)

          I don't think that he needs to accept other sensory perception to be cruising the other-realms- he was undeniably a sorceror. Especially what he could do with ball lightening. If the world were like White-Wolf, I'd call him a Son of Ether. You can use other metaphors to understand without accepting other-sensory perception.
          • My favorite portrayal of Tesla is in a Spider Robinson Callahan's book.. Lemme look for the title... Callahan's Key.
            • Callahan as in the Callahan Chronicles? The bar thing? Tesla shows up there? Awesome! I have to find it!
              • Yep. However, I believe that's the last book, so there are spoilers for the rest of the series. Tesla helps save the world. Of course.
  • Well, I like to think I have good taste...

    I friended you because your writing makes me think.

    On the other hand, I really don't expect you to add me, as I'm rather boring and don;t update very often ^_^;

  • Howdy.

    Yeah, that about covers it.
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