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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Mad, Mad House

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Mad, Mad House

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johnny cash
We all know I hate reality television, and consider it a contradiction in terms. Normally, I'll consider it the basest form of entertainment.

I'm willing however, to watch one. My own name for the show is "Freaking the Mundies", but SciFi calls it "Mad, Mad House".

The premise was my main reason for downloading it. We're going to take a bunch of mundies- most of which are Christians. We're going to put them in a house where the Hosts get final say on everything- including who gets the $100,000 price.

The Hosts? A Wiccan Priestess, a Vodouen, a vampire, a modern primitive, and a naturist.

It's hilarious to watch the mundies squirm when they're invited to partake in Voodoo rituals, or told to spend the night in the room with one of the hosts. I'm going to keep downloading it, but it's also running on SciFi- brand new show and all.
  • Where do you download it from?
    • I used suprnova.org, but the site is up-and-down all the time. You'll need a bittorrent client in order to use that- there's alot of them out there, Google for it. I'm using ABC (Another Bit-torrent Client), which is python based.
      • BitTorrent r0x. I usually leave a btstartmulti running constantly on one of my well-connected machines, and drop the .torrent files into it's active directory.
  • That show was super spiffy.
  • I always wanted to get a used school bus, and fill it with a a wiccan priestess, a vodouen, a krishna, a shaman, and etc etc until full. Then go door-to-door and hand tons of flyers to all the Jehovah's Witnesses.
  • I've heard that the "Wiccan Priestess" is actually this fluffy wannabe-witch who writes books on how average teens can do love spells and money spells and spells to make their favorite athlete win. This is NOT contributing to the Pagan image. >.
    • She certainly looks the part. Looking at her, you'd never think "Earth Goddess"- you'd think "Barbie Doll". In the first episode, she just stood around as Window Dressing, and the Modern Primitive, Naturist, and Vodouen stole the show.
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