How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy


Someone took out an ad on my Principia Discorida Generator! w00t!

(A $120 ad- I have to check how much of that _I_ get)

Correction- my ads, in the past week or so, have actually raked in $220 total. The money will be sent to a paypal account on 3/8. SWEET.

All of the sudden, I'm thinking that I could be making some real money this way; put together a few sites, start pimping them, drawing traffic... yeah, this could be lucrative. Not "I don't need a real job" lucrative, but maybe, just maybe, with some contracting work, some aggressive web-development, I could turn this into something good.

Part of me keeps thinking that this stretch of unemployment is going to lead to something _awesome_. Considering how miserable the experience has been, I really think it will. the only thing better than that work-from-home job I didn't get would be a profitable self-employment.

Speaking of, New Horizons has two classes they need taught. That should be a couple grand total, if I can get my fee met. That may be hard, because I think they know that they've got me over a barrel. Still, while Boss-Tom may be a dick, Christopher is a genuinely good guy, and I might be able to swing my asking price.

Suddenly, things are looking up financially. $220 in ads; some some for contracting; $550 in tax refund; nearly $1G in Cate's excess school loan money; $250 for the class I'm giving Kerrin's dad (if I ever get those files!)

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