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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Nazis make me laugh...

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Nazis make me laugh...

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johnny cash
Arayanfest was hardly the badass event it billed itself. Shaved-headed men hugged each other like they were at a gay pride picnic.

I'm also amused at the people at the event shouting "Nuke DC" and hatching plans for a well trained group of Nazi commandos slipping into a silo and stealing a nuke.

And while they're not mentioned in the article, I'm amused by SHARPS, Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice. I shit you not. Believe it or not, there is a politics to National Socialism outside of race-war. Unfortunately, I have gotten to hear Liam going on-and-on-and-on about it for hours and hours.

::sigh:: <singsong>Fuck-tards</singsong>
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