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For all of my fellow Sienaites, in the last issue of Heroic Stories, they talked about someone inviting the lonely reject to their lunch table, and the impact that had on the reject's life, and time in school.

I wrote a reply to them, commenting on how it pertains to our old "Table 9" days, and they ran that comment.

Remy in New York adds: "The 'Bill' in that tale reminds me of our time
in college. We had our own 'out' table, and while we weren't risking
being beaten up in high school, my friends and I managed to help a few
people with our 'out-reach' program, and built our friend base that way.
Whenever we saw someone sitting alone and looking lonely, we always
invited them to join us. In a college of
straight-white-Long-Island-preppies, we managed to build an amazing
group of freaks and weirdos, so much so that our table was often called
'Table Nine' (a reference to the film 'The Wedding Singer'). That story
really makes me miss the old 'Table Nine' days."

They editted it and cut it up a bit, but hey, that's kinda cool.

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