How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Actually, here...

Take a look at my site. I'm not interested to know what it needs- I'm painfully aware of what's lacking. What I'd like to know, is that functionality a reasonable thing to be proud of after what's really one day's worth of coding so far? I'm trying to get a feel on how much I should kill myself for this today.

Keep in mind, the look and feel haven't even been considered (I'm just recycling a stylesheet) and that for some reason, the webserver with my graphics on it is being really intermittent, so you may not get the graphics.

Take a look, if anything's broken, it means I either haven't made the page yet, or am currently working on the page, but I _think_ every page you see a link to should be implemented, albiet somewhat sloppily.

Also, I'm planning on broaching this in conversation something like so: "Actually, just a side note, since I wanted to be prepared for tonights 'evaluation' of my technical skills, and since there's a possibility that I will be working in Cold Fusion, I decided to spend some time this week brushing up on my skills. I realized also, that there might be concern with the fact that my experience is educational in nature. So I'm putting together a production website; a "volunteer bank" with an eye towards donating it to a charity, or perhaps hosting it myself. I can send you the link, but keep in mind, the code that's there I started on Thursday. But this gives you an idea of what I can do in two days with no budget or anyone else giving me direction. I figure in a week or so, I'll have something that'll be fully functional and clean."

Also working in mentions about how the "look and feel" is just something I recycled from an old site, and not anything like a finished product.

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