How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

That went passably well...

One strike of course, was the question, "Have you ever designed a _real_ site, outside of the classroom, in Cold Fusion?" Which, unfortunately, is no. Still, in following stages, I'm going to sell my experience teaching as a good thing for this.

Still, there's lots of interesting stuff. Like the fact that there is no physical location. That's right folks, they're a true Internet business. First, some perks, they pay for: Internet, a dedicated phone line, and the first $250 dollars a month of your health care premium.

Now, I've got a few next-steps. First, I have to send off a writing assignment, of a few paragraphs on, "Why I'm interested in this position, and why I would be successful." Then I have to send off, also, a calculation of my typing speed, and the plan I used to reach that. I think I might try and "blind them with science" and geekiness and write a small java applet to do it.

At any rate, the also had me fill out and send back a 12 question "Cognitive test", find the spelling errors, fill out the analogies, demonstrate basic math skills. So I ran those down pretty quick, with no fear of bringing up Kcalc or googling the capital of California.

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