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Study study study. I'm learning all sorts of neet things about Cold Fusion; like you can create Java classes and import them into CF. Sweet.

But right now, I'm being all nervous and twittery, in that good right-before-a-concert way. I guess. When I was doing performances, I wouldn't get nervous beforehand- becuase I was awesome. Seriously, I had that confidence.

In this case though, I swing a bit. Sometimes, I've got that confidence; I am damn good at what I do. Simultaneously, nine-months of rejections and only a pathetic handful of interviews will crack that a bit. And then again, usually, in my life, these randomly incredible things will happen just when you're about to lose hope.

So I look at things, and catch the good signs in this. First, they approached me. Which means that I'm already a step towards being in; recruiters don't usually want to field thousands of requests for jobs- I'll assume that they were selective in their offer, at least marginally. Second, my resume/cover-letter got me to the pre-interview, and my pre-interview, I was enthusiastic. If nothing else, I know that my enthusiasm was showing through, as well as confidence in my skills- because I know, in the technology field, I can do anything that I have to. Or want to. And damn, was I enthusiastic. I used the word fabulous in alternating sentances. "This job sounds fabulous; your company sounds fabulous." And that was enough to get me an interview.

So, to land this job, I need the following: To keep having that enthusiasim show through in the interview, to put myself across as knowledgable about the job, regardless of my actual knowledge, to express my natural talent for this stuff, and when in doubt, Blind Her with Science.

Oh, and there are random synchronicities that make things look good too... like what happened over in technopaganism.

Wish me luck people; I'm going back to studying.

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