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I haven't checked any news since four thirty. I went out with 'Manda for dinner, and then played MageKnight with Drew and Andy.

I have a question.

Where was Superman? You know, the caped crusader that always leaps out at the last moment? The defender of Truth, Justice, and the American Way (before it got canned and labeled and put on a shelf for $19.95 that is)?

Ladies and gentlemen, Superman is currently parading in downtown LA in a drunken stupor. Truth gives way to sensastionalism. Vengance has replaced justice, and the American way is to throw money at a problem and never really solve it.

So, as you can see, Superman is woefully uneployed. Perhaps, if we had been more open, and as interested in other's freedom as our own, we would have been spared this tradgedy. Perhaps if we pulled our collective heads out of our asses, Superman would have saved the day.

Because Superman was never real. He was an ideal. It was a representation of all that made us GREAT. And as our leaders plot a war against those that have trespassed against us... remember... Superman could have crushed Luthor's skull in without blinking, but he never did.

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