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Primary take...

Alright, I'm going back through and rethinking what I've seen from the different Democratic canidates, and am getting more and more dissapointed.

First off, the canidate espousing the best platform, in my opinion, is Kucinich, but Kucinich is a joke canidate, along with Lieberman and Sharpton. It's sad really; you'd think having a good platform would be most important, but Kucinich can't rally people, and it's obvious that he isn't a political powerhouse- he's too wimpy to force his way through when it has to be done. He can't get people listening.

So this leaves us with the "Big Four", Dean, Clark, Edwards, and Kerry. Kerry himself was almost a joke canidate. But a strong showing in the Iowa caucuses followed by the NH primaries gave him the "momentum" to become the front runner. He's more than mildly charismatic; I felt he was a clear winner in the NH debate. He's very clearly anti-Bush; every time he discusses his voting in favor of military action in Iraq he points out that "I voted for it because Bush said we'd do it after every other option had been exhausted," and on No-Child Left Behind, "I voted for it because Bush said we'd fund it properly." "Bush tricked me," can only get you so far. If you're that easily suckered on two very important votes, are you ready for being a president? Not to mention, there were serious problems in No-Child Left Behind beyond funding- like forcing schools to turn over student records to recruiters. When we throw in Kerry's connection to Bush via "Skull and Bones"... well, it doesn't paint a pretty picture.

This isn't to say I think he'd be worse than Bush; that's pretty diffcult. How much better he is, that's pretty questionable.

Alright, so lets look at the others. Edwards. Edwards has a very Kennedy thing going on, but demonstrated an annoying level of ignorance of acts passed before his Congresional Tenure. To me, this shows that he wasn't briefed properly before the debate, which means he doesn't have a top-notch staff. This is something that he has to work on, and it shows his inexperience. Inexperience isn't a completely plugged nickel though; he does offer a different perspective, which in itself makes him a refreshing canidate. Personally, I hope that he wins in SC, and maybe picks up another state too, so he has a reason to make it all the way to the Convention. If he works at it, he can do much better- he has a very JFK sort of charisma, but he's not using it.

There's something off about Dean, but I can't put my finger on it. That aside, he does show himself to be a very progressive canidate, and his record in Vermont definitely speaks for itself, but- it's Vermont. It's actually surprising how many people just dislike or ignore Vermont. That aside, I think he's too progressive to swing the undecideds against Bush. He's not inspiring enough for that. He's left me with no real impression, which in itself, is a bad sign.

Clark at least knows how to take light-hearted mocking, as is shown when he put is outdated sweater on e-bay to raise money for charity after being ribbed for it by the media. So that's something. Clark too, hasn't done much to get me impressed, and so again, I don't have a feel for him. However, I think there's something refreshing about following a pointless war with a president that's also a former general, but then again, you know what grunts say about officers. Personally, I want to see Clark go all the way into the convention too- I have a fairly decent feeling about him, and want to know more.

Now, as for polls- I think we should start a movement to electrocute pollsters through our phone lines. No wait, the poor people doing the calls are just grunts... we'll just have to hope a natural disaster takes out their headquarters and leadership. Polls are evil. When a poll says your favorite canidate is in third place, and your second favorite is in first place, what does that do? It makes it more likely that you're not going to vote for your favorite, because it feels like your vote will be wasted. The thing is, polls aren't even accurate. Many times that "overwhelming margin" means nothing come election day. Don't listen to the polls and don't respond if you're called for a poll. (Skewing webpolls is different- that's entertainment) Instead, vote your conscience, and don't worry about who's most "electable".

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