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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Tech and Rants

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Tech and Rants

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Let's start with rants. First off for chrissakes people, they're only boobies. Get over it. That's more than deserves to be said on this topic.

Meanwhile, Bush explains how he'll cut the deficit... by removing programs that we actually might happen to care about, like education and community policing. Click on the photo attached to the article for your moment of dada.

Wired runs an interesting article today, looking at how machines mimic life and biological concepts. Interesting read.

But there's a new toy hitting commercial readiness: rollable screens. Three times the thickness of paper, almost 100% plastic circutry. Rugged, durable. Mmmm... five years, we'll see these things mainstreamed, mark my words. Covet.

You're in Cambodia. You want to send an email. But you've got no Internet connection. So what happens? You queue your email up, and it waits until the dude on a wifi motorcycle comes through, collecting the email and taking it to the next town. It's been hailed as the digital pony express. The use of this to maintain communications infrastructure intrigues me, but it also has an air of romance, in the same way that tales of Pony Express riders has an air of romance.
  • Wired runs an interesting article today, looking at how machines mimic life and biological concepts.

    Two Takes:

    First, the less serious one. Skynet is almost here.

    Second, on a more serious note. Why shouldn't we consider all things living. This article hits it on the head. Everything at it's lowest level has the same physical construction. Everythng is made of atoms. Atoms have fairly predictable behavior patterns. Why shouldn't everything be alive? Coherent thought isn't a requisite.
  • rollable screens

    I've been waiting for this for two years. I want my rollable screen DAMNIT!

    However teh scenario they lay out isn't feasible yet. Yes the screens will run on extremely low power but I envision this ultralight e-paper with a heavy bulky battery pack unless we make some remarkable power improvments. One idea: Solar cells.
    • Re: rollable screens

      It wouldn't be a heavy-bulky one. I could see it done with hearing-aid size batteries- inconvenient, but not so bad as a large pack. The next step of course is to create rollable batteries, and lay them together in a single sheet.
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