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How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Interesting Slacktivist Post...

...Bad habits of the media, where they represent facts as opinion; instead of saying chocolate chip cookies have chocolate chips in them, they instead say, "Noted experts claimed that chocolate chip cookes have chocolate chips in them." All of the sudden, you're less inclined to believe the statement is fact, when it actually is.

Why the pussyfooting? If you offend anyone, they probably won't buy your periodical. If there's one place that capitalism fails, it's media. The purpose _should_ be to inform, but when people are paying, they want to be entertained. There's a big difference in taking sides, which is a bad habit of media (but one that they fall into often) and stating facts. Just because you say Bush's administration has racked up the largest deficit ever doesn't make you anti-Bush. It's _true_ for chrissakes.

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