How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Things I'll say when running for president...

Good afternoon. Members of my campaign staff, as well as some members of the press have been approaching me, fairly distraught that I have not yet taken any of my competitors to task. I have yet to "address them" in my speeches. Let me do that now. All of the individuals running against me are intelligent and committed people. However, I disagree with all of them in some way. That is why I am running for office. Because I feel that I can bring something to it that no one else can.

I am not going to attack my competition. I will not start a smear campaign, or shine a spotlight on their personal foibles and inconsistencies. I know, this is another unconvential thing to say in a campaign that has been full of unconventional things; It's starting to sound a little boring and repetitive at this point. Bear with me a little longer, and let me explain why that is.

I want you to vote for me. More than anything, I want the majority of this country to agree that I am the best person to do this job; that they want me to be president, and they go to the polls and push me into office. What I do not want however, is for you to decide that I'm the least worst person for this job, and vote for me because it's better than the alternatives. I want you to vote for me, not against them. Does everyone understand the difference?

Too often in recent years a political arena has been a competition to see who can lose by the least amount; when more than half of the voting population stays home on election day, that's a loss for every canidate. It's also a loss for the people of this country. I want the registered voters turning out in numbers that we haven't seen for twenty years saying, "Remy Porter is the best man for the job." I want people who haven't registered yet to be so motivated as to register and say the same thing.

So going back to "addressing the competition", or more euphemistically, "cutting them down at the knees and climbing to the top on their stumps," I won't do it. I'll present my platform, and explain to you why my way is the best way, and try and convince you of it. I will not however degrade into personal attacks, or highlight unimportant details until that's all you can see.

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