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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Things I'll say when I'm President...

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

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Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Things I'll say when I'm President...

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Alright folks, let's do an informal poll. Who here wants to help the poor? C'mon, raise your hands; this includes you guys in the press corps. Alright good, that's most of you. Now, who thinks the government should help the poor. Again, most of you, but that's not so good.

I'm going to say this, and watch the reaction: "The government's job is not to help the poor." There are two myths on how to solve poverty. From the liberals, we hear that the end to poverty and the salvation of the poor is just one more expensive federal program away. We can buy our way out, and in the process, complicate the government infrastructure even further. The conservatives spout another myth, typified in the phrase, "A rising tide of the economy lifts all boats." In reality, it just drowns the people in the deepest water.

I say the government can't help the poor; if it could, we should have seen some progress. A rising economy doesn't help the poor, because again, we should have seen it happen already.

So then, who is responsible for helping the poor? I assign that responsibility to the most powerful force, and most compelling organization ever created. The citizens of the United States of America. That's right; the people I delegate to end poverty is you.

Gasp! I've just committed political suicide. Nope, no reelection chance for me. Perhaps I should just resign now?

Let me make clear who's responsible for what. You, the people of this country, are responsible for ending poverty. As your leader, and the head of this government, my job, is to ensure that you have every tool and every resource to do that job. To that end, I'm propsing a bill that allows you to take (some percentage) of your Federal Income tax, and have it redirected into one of the certified poverty-related charities on this list. ::gestures to the list on his podium:: Note that, unlike welfare, this is voluntary. Your money can just be dropped into the common treasury just as easily; but you will have the freedom to choose, which is the core of democracy.
  • I'd take this concept a lot further. I'd feel a lot better about paying my tax bill if I knew a big chunk of the money was going to be earmarked for unmanned space exploration and the arts....
    • That was my "issue of the instant". I figure, since it's more than a decade before I'll be able to run for president, if I get my "issues of the instant" organized now, I can have a full featured platform by the time I run. I might make a run for senate in six years though, start politiking sooner. I know I should probably try for local offices first, maybe state level, but there's too much detail in those politics; they confound me. I'm a big idea, rough draft sort of person. I'm not so good on details (which is why I have several dozen programming projects in development, and none that are complete).
  • in the words of the Dead Kennedys, kill the poor.
  • My issue with the current administration is the new work visas for immigrants. Yes, I know this will allow Mexicans into the country to work rather than having them sneak across the boarder. Yes, this makes it safer for the boarder patrol, and the so called war on terrorism.

    Okay, so a bunch of people enter the country, and take the jobs that are low paying and consist of manual labour. Sounds great, right? Nope. See, the people that are on welfare or just leaving that program often are looking for these exact jobs! And the Bush administration is going to give it to people who before would be considered illegal aliens and thus not eligible for work in this country.

    I have no problem with these people getting green cards, or becoming citizens. If thier country is that bad, they ought to leave. But they ought to do it legally. Furthermore, the only way we're going to get people off welfare is by helping them find work. Giving work to noncitizens or non registered aliens prevents that, because the jobs will go to them first. Why? You can offer a Mexican (and I am going to sound so racist right now, but fuck it) a job picking apples for min wage, and he'll take it. An American is going to ask for a bit more.

    Bah. I'm all for helping the poor, but more specifically, I support them helping themselves. Giving jobs to non-citizens will prevent that.
    • I agree, it's really stupid, and the going idea was that he was trying to score the latino vote, but *smack*, they don't like it either. Could it be because most latinos in this country are trapped in a lower economic class and looking for those very same jobs?
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