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Umm... okay... yum... ribs...

The first time I saw this posted, I thought it was a gag, or something someone trolled out of obscurity, but what would you know, it happened yesterday, and is a White House press release.

Bush demonstrates his command of economics and orders some ribs.

Or, just as good, Bush tests his standup routine with the people of Roswell. But Bush isn't the only one that's suddenly developed a funnybone. Cheney displays his prowress with comedy as well. I have to wonder, who writes their material?

Amazing, an election year, and suddenly everyone's all chuckles. Until of course, we need that poll boost and roll out 9/11 again. Listen, people, the WTC incident sucked, it was horrible, but you know what? At this point it's ancient history. Let it drop, and lets start doing something.

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