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Mental note...

..I want to keep track of the American Family Association's "Pornography Awareness Week", so that I can um... be... more... aware of pornography.

As I browse through their site, I note things. Like how they give Jesus "Braveheart" Christ (Gibson's The Passion of Christ) a rave review. It'll make us confront our own sin, like the sin of climbing into the projection booth and slitting the throats of people who peddle that tripe. Now, I'm talking from only some abstracts and trailers, but everything I've seen shows it to be horrible.

I also notice that anytime they use the word "gay" it goes in quotes, but bi, lesbian and transgendered don't.

And as for outing herself destroying Rosie O'Donnel's career hasn't she been out for like five years? It was way longer ago than March '02, because I remember watching her show and knowing it, and I haven't watched her show since I was in college. Maybe it was just one of those things that everyone knew but no one said, but it certainly wasn't news like they made it out to be.

And I'm still trying to find the segue from terrorism to the parents of homosexuals, and I just don't follow it. The gist of the article is clear, "Don't be gay; you'll make mommy and daddy cry."

As for the whining about how porn is a $5-6b a year industry, that's less than one dollar per person for the whole world. I mean, fuck, if we all contributed one dollar, imagine how much more awesome porn there'd be on the internet! Hells yeah!
"How can so many believers be involved with something as filthy and disgusting as X-rated materials?" Because the missionary position sucks, and everyonce in awhile, it's nice to spice up the marriage with a bisexual threesome, and where else are you going to find baby-jesus buttplugs? Apparently though, from this article, no women like pornography. But demons like porn.
Well damn, demon porn! Time to fire up google and find me some of that!

"I fully believe a person could walk into an adult bookstore blindfolded and still feel a strong, sensuous spirit in the air." Yeah buddy, it's called the smell of latex, lubricants, and the smells of what people do in video preview booths. Nothing occult, just olfactory.

What really... really confuses me, is that the movie reviews they link to are actually fairly balanced. They assign everything a "moral rating", which essentially is a restatement of the actual rating in christian terms. While the Christian animation for teens may have an excellent moral rating, the quality rating shows that they actually are considering how good these things are. For further proof look at the reviews for American History X. They even rave Requiem for a Dream!

Ummm... yeah... after reading the AFA and then going on to Christian movie reviews- that are balanced and fair- the contrast is too much. My head is going to explode.

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