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Linkage and commentary...

First, in an amusing corruption of religion, Moment of Silence will take prayer requests to the diety of your choice, and foward them to a cybermonk who will meditate on them. Amusing, to be sure, and an interesting heresy. The diety list is incomplete thus far, and I'm kinda offended that Balder is on the list and Loki isn't, but it is still in beta. I won't call upon Eris and Loki (Eris is also missing) to reign down chaosbolts upon them just yet.

Now, here's a good one. Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion is a method of extracting energy from temperature differences in the ocean, and using it to power plantships which produce valuable chemicals. Some worthwhile thoughts, and an interesting tech to follow.

While thinking about environmentalism, let's talk about poop. After all, everyone does it, and even in an otherwise green society, you're still not green if you can't dispose of poop properly. If you don't, your society is full of shit.

Meanwhile, I hate state sanctioned religion, but securalism can go too far. France doesn't want any religious items, including hijabs, skullcaps, large crucifixes and Sikh turbans. I assume they'd also prohibit golden apples if they knew what those meant too. What we're looking at here is state sanctioned religion: athieism. It's a horrible discourtesy, since anyone who is religious is usually always religious; it's their way of life. To mandate that they can't engage in aspects of their religion dictating dress goes too far. In the US, this'd never fly, and that says something.

Finally, in a cool magick site that has really useful tools, I point you to xaognosis. A sigilizer, a psychokinesis trainer, a mesmerizing geometry toy, and a configurable clock that runs in both directions are the only tools hosted now. They're all flash (though I'm thinking about doing some java applets to replace the sigilizer (the java applet would allow image exporting if I fiddled with the security properly)).

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