How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

On browsers...

...I've been a Moz fan for awhile. Mozilla has alot going for it. It's open source (+), it's standards compliant (++), it's got nice features (tabbed browsing, pop-up killing, script control, etc) (+++). But it's slow (++), and kinda clunky overall (+).

So tonight, I bit the bullet and went for firebird using for email. These are standalone versions of Mozilla's browser and mail features. The last time I tried Firebird, I decided it was missing something, but now, I can't remember what that was. It's lightweight, fast, and has some wonderful plugins. It also is open source, standards compliant, with the same nice features (+++), but it's also lightning fast (++++) has customizable toolbars (+++++). I mean, it's all sexay.

Sexay, sexay, sexay.

Oh, and unlike IE, it can't run ActiveX, and hence, has none of the security holes involved with IE. In fact, all Moz versions are delightfully orifice free. Give firebird a shot people; it's totally worth it. If you need a mail client/news reader, get thunderbird. Don't use any MSquish products, even if you pirated.

Microsoft products + the web = Sharing heroin needles with aids victims.

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