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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Just so you know...

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Just so you know...

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...when the oil crash happens, I want you to remember this: the SCA is the second largest standing private army in the world... and all of their tech is pre-industrial levels of production.
And the geek shall inherit the earth. -- Matthew, 42:3.14
  • There will come soft rains...
  • Ohhhh yeah.

    On the other technological hand, another ferry commuter mentioned once, a couple of years back, that if Kitsap County were to secede from the Union and take our local Navy bases with us, that we'd be the world's third largest nuclear power.
  • iF they are the second largest private standing army whos got the first?
  • Ya know, you just managed to make armageddon sound substantially more appealing.
  • I can make fuzzy warm stuff. Cate makes fabric stuff that fits. You and Dennis know how to make gadgets. We're all pretty decent at putting stuff together and improvising. With some study, Cate and I would probably also be decent herbal/horticultural types too.

    Goes off to learn more basket weaving, spinning, crocheting, knitting, herb-lore, leatherworking, forging, flint-knapping...

    The Eagle Scouts and the Society for Creative Anachronism will save civilization!
    • I want a treadle sewing machine. And a spinning wheel, and a loom. And I shall learn how to use the ones I can't currently operate. Or a spinning Jenny.... Either way. And more forging. I also need a bulk package of machine needles, and thread, as these are the most difficult to make on one's own. Also stockpiling wool. Heh. Because people will wnt big wool coats when the heat runs out. :) Also woodworking will be useful, thinks to maintain houses.

      I must learn how to grow plants without killing them.
    • Oh yeah, and you know how to make soap. Clean people are appreciated. So are those washing tubs with wringers on them. I have books on medicinal herbs, if you want to borrow.
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