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Mental note...

Since the database will be serving out the XSML documents that the XSML compliant browser uses to annotate the webpage being viewed, and those XSML documents will contain references to various "annotation classes" that are used to describe the annotation behaviors, I can leverage that to auto-update the browser.

For example, the browser notices that it does not have a logical class associated with an annotation class described in the XSML document. It tells the database this, and the database returns a serialized copy of the class (yes, I plan to implement this in Java). This allows the actual browser core to be not much more than a loader/unloader (leveraging as many built in classes for the rendering of the plain browser commands, so the browser itself auto-upgrades with the JVM).

I'm trying to decide if I'll let the annotations edit the HTML directly, or if they're only display additions.
I don't actually think anyone is reading this stuff, but I don't really care either

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