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Application idea...

Someday, in the future, I want to implement XRML applications, eXtensible Reality Markup Language, relying on WiFi and GPS to embed digital code into realworld places, so that someone using a mediated reality system can interact with them. Now, as much as I'd like to go and start hacking on that right away, that involves having access to tools and resources that I don't have.

But, coding is about abstraction, yesno? I want to be able to embed extra information into a location, and have that information viewable to people with the tools to extract it. Enter XSML, eXtensible Shared Markup Language. Here's the plan. Someone uses an XSML compliant web browser. While visiting a page, they can highlight sections, attach comments, embed pictures and so forth. (In the background, thier XSML browser is actually sending information to a remote database, which stores the page information as well as the XSML markup) Later, another user views that same page; they then have the option to view previous users' XSML taggings(with the option to filter by user, time, etc). It turns browsing into a shared expeience, and allows people to make a set of meaingful landmarks for webbrowsing, and trails-of-breadcrumbs. From an intellectual standpoint, sites can be enhanced (or shown as ignorant and biased) by the addition of external sources, linked to in the commentary.

Speaking of other development stuff, an old buddy Jeff is eager to help on ChainChat. I'll certainly need it. I haven't touched t3kLJ today, because well, I burned out on it. And something about the way JBuilder makes its JAR files, it boned the manifest and the JAR won't run (otherwise I'd link to what I have so far).

So I'm going to start banging out some schemas for XSML; this one's a huge project, and I'm going to need lots of documentation to make sense of it. If anyone ever finds one of my geek projects interesting and wishes to support my geekdom, there's all sorts of work I can put people to, even some of it non-geeky, or only marginally-geeky and easily learnable. And in another week or two I'm going to need testers. That's a bit ambitious, but by this time next week t3kLJ should be working and in beta. ChainChat should be implemented in pre-alpha, and XSML should have been thought about.

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