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Well lookee here...

Dad jailed for telling his son that he was gay. Link to m0usegrrl's journal, because her icon is the best description possible of my response to this level of fucktardation. I can't cope with people sometimes.

I mean... why do people have to be such huge fuckups? It's not hard to just smile, nod, and get along, regardless of your personal feelings. It's not hard to let go and say "Hey, I think you're going to hell, but that's your road. I'll stay out of it, but when things blow up, come see me." I mean, that'd be the goddamn fucking Christian thing to do. It's things like this that encourage me to convert back and show these fuckers how to do it right. That's right, I'll become a Christian because I hate them soooo much sometimes; specifically the morons who soil the name of a pretty decent guy for petty bullshit.

This here's my boom-stick.

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