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Why I use the gimp...

...more than photoshop. Now, at first glance, this doesn't seem bad, I mean, you're not supposed to be reproducing dollar bills. But, an artist is allowed to take the images on those bills (which are public domain) and manipulate them, creating derivative works. This new version of photoshop does not allow that behavior, because you might be using it to scan and counterfit money.  (Mind you, what Doctorow did for his grandfather is counterfitting. If you reproduce a bill, you must change it's size by some amount (a third I think?)).

Microsoft at the same time engages in a new idiocy: using MSquish is cheaper than Linux. Somehow, paying through the nose for your software, is somehow cheaper than getting it for free.

For all of you weed-eating-hummus lovers: the demand for herbal remedies is threatening 10,000 plant species with extinction. I imagine a world where the environmentally concious use manufactured remedies, because that's better for the environment than the natural ones. And then, only the conspicous consumption yuppies would use natural goods.

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