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More stupid and real news...

The Guberment provides tips on how to keep from paying your employees from getting overtime. Mind you, they're "...not saying anybody should do any of this". They just want to let people know how they can get away with it within the law. Thanks for your trickledown economics fuckers. Unfortunately, we've already shown it doesn't really work. It was called the early 90's, where we paid for the 80's. Thanks for the thought though.

What happens when kids Smartmob? Trouble. This one's touchy, with a balance of "what right do children have to free speech?" and "what's required to keep a healthy learning environment?" With free-speech comes a responsibility to use it wisely, which we aren't training our children in. This blowup shows that clearly. I can condone killing the site this way: school is like work to a degree. There is work that has to be done, and if "free-speech" is causing a distraction through misuse, then the school does have to take a stance that curtails that. Mind you, this can become a slippery slope which demands robotic regurgitated behavior from our students. My response? Instead of letting things like get out of control, the school should, where possible, provide a moderated forum where students and teachers can discuss issues. Even allow anonynimity, I'm fine with that. But we can attempt to teach our children how to discuss and be controversial responsibly. I wish I had an opportunity to do that. If something like that were available, my friend Elizabeth wouldn't have been kicked out of High School for running an underground-anti-administration newspaper.

Okay, time for another fucktarded asshat. A woman is claiming that she lost her lottery ticket. She filed a police report, and when it came in as a winner, she sued the person who cashed it. Whups... I'm sorry, but the ticket requires no proof of ownership. In this case, possession is all of the law. You should have been more careful, shut up, go home, and die. Please.

Okay, and for all of the caffine fans in the audience, the Economist is running a schway article on how Traditional coffee houses (17th + 18th century) relate to modern cybercafes. Yay information exchange. Though any coffee drinker can tell you, "...that Grave and Wholesome Liquor..." does not "...heal the Stomach". Neet stuff though.

See, don't you love me for informing you? Love me, and shower your graces upon me.

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