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Yet more stupid...

The stupid isn't that they yanked her off of the flight because wires were coming out of her jacket. That's only mildly stupid. No, think about this. They think she might have been involved in a bomb being placed on the plane. So they pull her, and then there's this quote:
However, baggage from the flight will be screened on arrival in Cincinnati "from an abundance of caution".
That's right chappies. They search the baggage after the plane reaches its destination.

Friendly skies.

Meanwhile, these folks win the sharpest spoon in the elevator at the top floor empty deck prize. They made an anti-Dean ad, which is the most hilarious sendup of the right-wing I have ever heard. I mean, it's frikkin hilarious. Get your latte-drinking ass back to Vermont you pinko hippies...

They're dumb, but they made me laugh. Good enough.

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