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::cue hallelujia chorus, glowing lights::

*gasp* Okay, here's something cool. I've read it, quoted it, and reccomended it countless times, but Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom is available to download for free. Why? Because Cory Doctorow is awesome. And because he's discovered that it leads to him selling more books. So there is now no good excuse for not reading this. You can't claim inability to find it. Nor lack of funds. Nor lack of time- it's a few hours of reading tops. I pranced through it in a single sitting the first time I read it, and it was no marathon session. You can't even claim there's no compatible download format because most imaginable formats are on there.

And, speaking of books: I want to read this. It sounds craptastic.

Go. Download. Read. (I'm going to write a book about all this cool shit I discover and think about)

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