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I'm not this crazy, am I?

Call me a homocidal adventurer
You could be the pretty boy of homicidal maniacs,
if you were willing to admit that's what you
are. You see yourself as an intelligent, witty,
well-adjusted person who kills people every now
and then. You're always the life of the party
and can attract people without even trying. You
seek out the pleasure and the cheap thrill
wherever they may lie, and don't care if it's
pleasure or pain.

What Lovable Fictional Sociopath Are You?
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Congratulations! You're Faramir!

Which Lord of the Rings character and personality problem are you?
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Okay, now for interesting tidbits, ie. news.
The Tale of "Osama-fin-Laden" is a tale of stupidity, right up there with forcing mothers to drink their own breast-milk before they can board a plane. That's right, a Fighting Beta is a hazard to an aircraft. It may be plastique or something, or maybe you shoved a stick of dynamite up its ass. They don't know. But now, knowing that, don't you feel safer? No terrorist-fish on your airplane flight, thanks to Homeland Security and the TSA.

Now, for Morons in the News, a seven year old gets himself trapped in a "crane-game" style machine. Fucktard.

This is cool. There's a neighborhood in Copenhagen that's a TAZ. The government is planning to demolish it because of the drug problem created by "Pusher Street". So what do the pushers do? Tear out their stalls and leave quietly, all to preserve the neighborhood. Go them; that's really fucking cool. That's civic spirit, right there. Yea! Rahrahrah.

Now here's a good'un. If you paste a postcard to a ceramic tile and sell it, are you creating a derivitave work? A few cases say yes, a few say "probably not". Here's the issue: once you buy a postcard, you technically own it, and can do anything you want. Except, if you're doing something like the tile thing, the judges say that you're framing it in an unusual and unintended context, and that's a derivative work. Now, in the modern realm, this ties to the MPAA versus ClearPlay. With ClearPlay, you can watch a movie, and based on a downloadable script, it'll censor the movie for you, cutting violence and profanity. According to the MPAA, this creates a derivitave work. According to common sense, the MPAA is full of shit. I can do that myself with the remote and three buttons (mute, fastfoward and play), so why should using a device be wrong? Simple, it's not. Pack up and go home MPAA. But it's in court, so lets see what happens.

Okay, lets get something fun.
This parody of an old Charles Atlas ad where you can become a geek in fifteen clicks.
FuhQuake: Quake's been open-sourced for awhile, and these guys rebuiilt the graphics engine. It's shiny, if you at the screenshots.

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