How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Video Killed the Political Star...

...or Reality TV ate my Democracy. Here's the plan: we're going to take a cast of political hopefuls, parade them in front of an audience, and get feedback a-la Pop Idol (which is the british equivalent to American Idol), and get the true "populist" canidate through this.

The first reaction, as appropriate, is horror. "Oh my god they're doing what." Then you read the rhetoric, and see things like:
"Government by focus group is something we all disdain as short-sighted and superficial - but what if the focus group were millions of people, actively deliberating together as we exercise our power?' he says.
'We know that the public loves the idea of voting for "independents", but the system makes it hard for independents to get themselves noticed. So it is almost a public duty for someone to create a platform to help independents get an equal chance.'

Well, that doesn't sound as bad, right?

Like fuck it doesn't. We're talking the canidate of the least common denominator. We're talking a canidate that appeals to the most people, which means that it's going to be sanitized, non-controversial. The goddamn fucking boy-band of politics. Well fuck, more people know who Justin Timberlake is than who their Senators are. Why expect participation in government when we can pulp it out and turn a profit at the same time. There are times I hate national scale representative governments. I really really hate them.... ::fumes::

<action>/me adds someone to his list of people to kill.</action>

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