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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

This is our country.

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

This is our country.

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run the fuck away
Burn your eyes:

People I'm going to kill: fuckers that drape themselves in the American Flag, excepting Captain America, who's actually pretty cool and vaguely tragic. This beast that is pictured may be blonde-haired, but I doubt she's Captain America.

Now, to increase the level of fearmongering paranoia, due to the increased state of terror alert, the casinos and airlines have been ordered to turn over guest and passenger names and personal info. Because, if you fly to Vegas and stay in a casino, you're obviously not approving of the capitalist method of working to earn money, and hence, must be a terrorist. Or something.

Meanwhile, since you can't take care of your children, the government has to do it for you by strengthening the ratings system for game distribution. Remember, while corporate whores like EB won't sell M rated games to young-in's, it's not illegal, and so it should stay. If parent's can't track what games their children are playing, then they deserve it if their children turns into a deranged psycho who shoots up his school, since we all know that's what video-games cause. They'll still point out that "them Columbine kids played Quake y'know", as did most red-blooded american males in their age bracket.

Now, another short rant to tack on here.
  1. Don't: Dissemble. Obfuscate. Use lots of statistics. No one will get it anyway
  2. If you can't do that, then lie outright. Wait till it's been front-page news, then before anyone can call you on it, issue a "correction". Mistakes aren't really lying. And your correction will be buried in the back with Uncle Joey's Obituary, so no one will know you lied.
  3. Distract. This works well in combination with 1 + 2. If you want to lie about something, make sure something else happens at the same time that's more newsworthy.
  • but I doubt she's Captain America.

    She? ok I can kinda see that ... threw me for a loop though
  • What about the late great Abbie Hoffman??

    No one belonged in a flag shirt more than he did, and boy did he ever get the shit beat out of him for that.

    eliazar who was iblis }()+
  • Just thought you all should know the US Secret Service is now taken to walking around the streets of Washington DC in full Bio Hazard Suits and Gas masks .And very reciently the US Capitol was evacuated and all of this countries citizens were forced to remain at least a block away for "security reasons" take what you wiil from this.
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