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Okay, for the "okay, this is cool... gotta get writing" link, we've got Futurismic, a sci-fi writers blog, which is taking submissions for electronic publications at $100 per accepted story. You've got a month, snap to people.

And straight out of the pages of Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, Cory Doctorow posted to boingboing_net about the Haunted Mansion Fan Club calling for a boycott of Disney for one month, trying to get Eisner to resign. I don't think they'll make a dent in the massive corporate machine that is Disney, but you can dream, can't you?

Now, in the realm of controversy, The Haitian-American Coalition of Palm Beach County is suing Rockstar Games for "GTA: Vice City", in which the player is told to "kill haitians" and is rewarded for doing so. Now, normally, I side with the controversial game company over the PC nazis, but in this case, Rockstar is running exceedingly close to hate-speech. However, "GTA3" had similar racial comments, where you were fighting the Columbian mob, the Triads, the Yakuza and the Yardies (caribean mob). Now, while racial groups were being targetted, this was because of a specific underworld bent (which is also present in Vice City). I haven't played Vice City, but- if it was a call to kill any Haitian, then Rockstar's in trouble. But, if it is, like I suspect, specifically targetting an underworld group composed of Haitians, then Rockstar has some footing.

I hope this case turns out in favor of Rockstar, and overturns a previous ruling that said video-games were not subject to free-speech. Unfortunately, this is Rockstar, which is the equivalent of the worst pulp you can produce. When fighting free speech issues, you're always at a disadvantage when your speech is fairly meaningless, and no one can argue for a deeper meaning behind the GTA series than senseless violence. But, at the same time, free speech is supposed to protect the crappy speech too.

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