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Home at last...

...those of you that know my traditional New Year's Eve activities may be wondering, going, "Wait, shouldn't you have been home last night for the geekfest party that's a tradition down in Kingston?" Yeah, that would have been the plan. But, yesterday, neither Sarah and Dennis particularly felt like driving us home, neither Cate and I particularly felt like going home. So yes, I broke with tradition. ::gasp:: Personally, I can't wait to get out of this trap that is Kingston. I was ignoring how much I hated this town when we planned to move here. I forgot how much of an ambition sucking redneck-hick-town of a hole this place is.

I hate Kingston. With a firey passion. This isn't something that has ever changed; I've hated it since I was old enough to care. From third grade I swore I'd get out of this town and never come back- but I came back anyway, saying, "Well, it wasn't really that bad. There are some good people down there."

It's a fucking trap, and all of you Kingston people should get the fuck out of it.

Now, I don't know if people cared that I missed the party; if they were upset, or just shrugged it off. But, the kicker: I don't particularly care. I'm getting out of this hole, and this time, I really mean it when I say I won't be coming back. Oh, there'll be occasional visits; Christmas, Easter, etc. Can't escape the family forever. But I'm never going to spend more than 36 hours here once I get out this time.

When I heard the death toll in Iran, I said to myself, "Well, that's about the population of Kingston. Wonder if that fault under the Hudson intends to go any time soon."

I hate Kingston.

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