How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

More info than you want...

First off, for the fifth year running (hail Eris), the Earth seems to be orbitting in a "no-entropy zone", which means that our orbit hasn't slowed at all, compared to the one second a year loss we used to get. What do you know?

Meanwhile, in good news that matters, The Pentagon tells Halliburton to take a hike, but claims that it isn't because Halliburton is a corporate pimp who's tryin' to bitchslap us like the ho's it thinks we are. It's really just a logistics thing.

Now, while we're not fighting a declared war right now, I would like to remind you that just because you're enlistment is up doesn't mean you're going home. That's right, the stop-loss orders are being used again, because we don't have enough soldiers to fight a war against unidentified enemies in undefined regions over unclear motivations. Take that you terrorist scum.

And finally, public broadcasting has been sold out so to speak; Two republican supportors are now on the board of directors: one promotes censorship, one supported Newt when Newt said killing CPB was a good idea. Well, fuck; how am I going to watch Dr. Who reruns now? And old Python episodes? Oh wait... PBS stopped running anything charming or interesting a decade ago; now it's all fundraisers, all the time, because _no one supports public broadcasting_. Right, sorry, how could I get so confused?

Oh, one more thing, and this one is important. I've been turned on to the Voluntary Human Extinction movement. However, I think their methods are lacking. So I make this request- go kill yourself. Please. Before you do, try and get at least ten other people to do the same; then they can get ten other people to do the same, and so forth... why, before you know it, we'll have wiped out the human race and I can live in peace.

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