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... We've all heard about the problems inherent in RFID, but they're not all bad. They're not an automatic way for Walmart to track what you buy. They could provide an powerful tool for fighting Mad Cow Disease, or at least, keep us from catching it.

Speaking of things that aren't all bad, there are Good Lawyers. This lady helps protect the internet masses from corporations and their own ignorance. Yay for Techheroes. Go Parry! (Not that you care about my opinion, but props)

Meanwhile, Cory Doctorow, in Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom proposed a system called "Whuffie", where instead of currency, you had Whuffie, which was how much people respected you. Technologists went and said, "Hey, that's neat. We should implement that," without quite realizing that the entire book was about why systems like that are a bad idea. Cory Doctorow also gets hero points today because he at least is trying to get people to develop technologies that help people and solve problems. Not create them. Not to sit around and gimmick. I hope LJ listens to this as they contemplate the Whuffie system.

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