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If a stealth bomber blows the fuck out of you, does the US government care?

From the same article I posted last, I'd like to add this quote in it's own post, and scream about it for awhile:
This broadening of the Patriot Act represents a political victory for the Bush Administration's stealth legislative strategy to increase executive power.

Stealth legislation? What the fuck? It's an accurate description of the admin's behavior, and it goes against the public scrutiny that's needed in democracy. Everything this administration has done has been a direct assault on democracy, or a smokescreen to hide that assault. I hope to god these laws go to the Supreme Court. If anyone is ever brought to trial based on this evidence, the ACLU has to jump in and run this to the top, that's the only hope- except for the fact that the SC has people like Scalia-may-he-rot-in-hell-for-all-eternity-while-a-disease-ridden-camel-humps-his-corpse.



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