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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Smart Electrics

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

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Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Smart Electrics

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Finally, someone decided to use their head and think outside of traditional car parameters and traditional motor design parameters and design an electric vechicle that makes sense.

It's called the Whisperer, and it's actually a bus, not a car.

Instead of the foolishness of having the motor turning the axle, which creates friction and involves lots of moving parts, you instead turn the motor inside out, so the coils are on the axle, and the magnets are in the moving wheel. Yes, the motor goes in the wheel, and it makes sense- no power transmission complexities. Hell, no transmission for that matter; unlike an internal combustion engine, an electric one works fine at any RPM.

But wait, there is some IC going on here. Having to recharge the batteries all the time would suck- unless you had an onboard powerplant. There is a small diesel engine in the bus, and it's the size of a typical compact car engine. It runs at a constant 1700RPM (Ma! Look, still no transmission!), it's most effecient burn, and recharges the batteries. The batteries also recharge from active breaking (the motors cease to be motors and become generators, applying gentle EMF to the wheels drawing power back into the system).

Congratulations people, we have the first practical all-electric vehicle. Okay, since there's a gas engine, we can call it a hybrid, but I'd like to point out, that the engine doesn't drive the wheels unlike most hybrids, and there's little difference between on-site power and remote power from a powerstation; I'd even be inclined to guess that on-site ends up more effecient, despite having to drag your powerplant with you. There's no grid infrastructure to worry about, no line loss, etc.
  • yeah, but whats the hp capability? I'd love an electric car ... as long as it performs as well as any sporty car on the market today.
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