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All I want for Christmas... a $100,000,000 accounting irregularity.

New phrase: ASHIT (American's stupid habitual ingrained terror).

Just watched the Muppet Christmas Carol, which made me dream of BushCo being visited by the Ghosts of Wars Past, Present, and Future. Make them see the consequences of their actions in person. That's the biggest problem with the insularity of the current regime. I belive that all of the protestor related restrictions (keeping them away from Bush) is because Bush is like an impressionable child, and the people in power (Cheney, Rummy, et al.) are deathly afraid that he'll realize people don't think that everything he does is a good idea. And that they might be right.

Meanwhile _t3kwh0re_ points out an interesting timeline:
# haliburton overcharges US government
# Saddam Caught
# Terror Level Goes Up To Orange
# Bush Tells everyone to to "go about their lives..."
# Documents are declassified shedding more light on the United States previous dealings with Iraq
# Osama's Name is Back in the media as flights are canceled due to a credible risk

I love the Orange-Alert joke. "There's a high risk that some crazy rag-head is going to be flying a 747 into a building with alot of people, or maybe setting off a few nail/pipe-bombs or releasing some bioweapon. Go about your lives as if nothing is wrong. It's just an FYI. Don't worry, we're a good government, we'll handle this."

I want a crack-commando team of litigators at my command, aided by the superhero Subpoena Man, and I want to hang all of those cheats and scoundrels who think they rule us from their own petards.

the Fuckers!

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