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Money, it's a gas...

w00t... I have been pay-ed. Went over to Kerrin's, dismantled her dad's laptop, and troubleshot some network glitches with using VPN to talk to work. Meanwhile, Cate fixed Kerrin's sewing machine. I worked for about an hour and a half, and when he asked me how much I was asking for that labor I figured, hey, this is for a friend's dad, so I'm gonna work real cheap. I say $25. He shoots me fifty simoleans, he was so happy with how my work turned out. I have to say, the RAM did most of the work; it's amazing how jumping from 128MB to 512MB makes a performance difference...

At any rate, I've got another appointement to fix sharing issues (the computer hooked to the printer is being replaced, so he wanted to wait till that was done), try and get VPN to go through the router (Cisco VPN; I can't figure out what port to foward; I'm gonna do some research, which, if any of you want to abbreviate that by knowing the answer, that'd be great (it's not 4500 like normal VPN, Cisco does some funky stuff). And I'm going to teach him some access.

Now, if only I can get more people who want this kind of service.

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