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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits


How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).


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run the fuck away
First, lets start with a little humor: I'd wear this t-shirt.

That said, I'd die in Alabama, as they have the "toughest anti-obscenity act" in the nation. It's really hard to get around, you know? You have to go a long way to get past that law, into a totally different state. I understand that there was alot of thrust around this bill, and most people thought it was a long time in coming.

Okay, so we went from fun, to stupid, now let's look at something delicious.
When Ashcroft ran for senate in 2000, he seems to have taken some extra money, and the Fedral Election Committee is calling him on it. It's not that I'm vindictive against people like him, it's just that I want to see them suffer and pay for the generally bad person that they are.

And in the "I'm glad it's coming out into the public" story: Senator Nelson reveals that Bushies staff lied in a secret congressional breifing to push his war for Iraq. According to Nelson, Bushies officials claimed that " Iraq not only had weapons of mass destruction, but that they had the means to deliver them to East Coast cities." Whups... funny how it contradicts the intelligence briefs the senators were recieving at the time. Nothing quite like lying, cheating and stealing to get your way.

Or, as I like to call it, Crouching Foward, Hidden Goalie. All I knew about it is people who knew Shaolin KungFu end up playing soccer for some reason. So I expected comedy, which I got. What I did not expect was a KungFu movie. I was expecting guys in saffron robes playing soccer barefoot and training by standing on hot sand. Instead, the soccer segments were... absurd in a very "Dragonball-Z" sort of way. Kicks that turn the ball into a flaming comet. People flying. Crazy crazy stuff like that. It was fun. The subtitling added to the charm, since most of it read like it had been run through BabelFish. The subtitler definitely did not know english well.

Unfortunately, the only way to see the original version is to break copyright law. Normally, I'd rate this film as a must-rent, or a see-in-the-theater-if-you-have-money. But I can't do that. Mirimax purchased the US distribution rights from the Korean production company (along with the rights to films like Hero which is exceptional and makes Crouching Tiger look chincy and ill-concieved). Now they're stopping people from selling that material, so that they can release re-editted versions that will better appeal to an American audience.

So no, I won't give one of my usual ratings of Shaolin Soccer. What I will do is rate it as: "Must Download". You're not hurting the people who made the films- from what I've seen, Mirimax bought it straight, with no promise of royalties. Could be wrong on that. But, assuming I'm not (and I'll check into that), you're hurting Mirimax, and hence, Disney, and most importantly, the vile, bilous sack of shit named Micheal Eisner. Mikey, when they thaw ol' Walt out, the first thing he's going to do is kick your ass so hard that it turns into a flaming comet trailing a whirlwind of force behind it that throws the goalie through the goal and into the stands.
  • YOU would die in Alabama? I'd be dragged through the streets while people threw vegetables at me.
    • Are we going to have to have a sex-toy collection comparison now? Just to prove that I'd suffer more in Alabama?
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